We're UGLY are You?

Is Ugly the new beautiful? Apparently so. Ugly is a range of 100% natural, fruit infused sparkling waters and has NO sugar, NO sweetener and NO artificial ingredients. Launched in early 2016 by entrepreneurs Hugh Thomas and Joe Benn the soft drinks start up is taking the market by storm!

Why feel guilty about drinking a fizzy drink when there’s Ugly? If you’re a fan of any of the wonderful flavours listed below, and love fizzy water, then this is your drink! Working out of a shipping container in Elephant and Castle, the strong team of four work tirelessly to ensure consumers receive a brand which is fully transparent and simply does what it says on the ‘tin’.

Funded by members of their families, Hugh and Joe set out to produce a sparkling, good tasting water, which did not include any of the ugly ingredients which many soft drinks on the market currently do. In recent years, the impact of high sugar and sweetener content in soft drinks has had a strong impact on the number of obesity and diabetic cases in the UK. Therefore, Hugh and the team set out aiming to produce a product and brand that was 100% natural and transparent, ensuring that they boldly stood out from the traditional soft drink model. So far, it would be safe to say they’re smashing it!

Here at Goupie, we are also very fond of their marketing efforts, clearly subverting from the traditional core marketing values of others in the industry. UGLY don’t promote any unobtainable lifestyles, and certainly no ridiculous promises. These strong transparent core values are what drives the success of UGLY and here at Goupie we share the same outlook.

We have been following their progression since their inception in 2016, and have been fans from the beginning! More recently, we had the chance to see the new branding designs in the flesh at Lunch! And get our hands on a goodie bag - we can only say we love it even more! The design revamp promotes a fun and rebellious look, with the U of the brand resembling a tongue and reinforcing that ‘ugly’ image.

It’s fair to say we are not the only ones who think UGLY are doing a great job, with their impressive stocklist featuring some of the biggest retailers in the UK – to find out where you can purchase some of these beauts visit https://uglydrinks.com/#info

We love where UGLY are heading and we can only wish them all the success in the future. Their recent growth on social media, along with the entrepreneurial spirit adopted by Hugh and Joe, is hugely inspiring and we see no reason why they cannot conquer the soft drinks industry. Good luck lads!