Why We Chose: Chocolate

1. Dark Chocolate

When we first started making Goupie commercially, our biggest decision was what chocolate we should use as a topping – the original family recipe was only topped in chocolate, as fully enrobing each piece would not have been very practical to do at home.

Chocolate 2

We, along with our family and friends, tasted a ton of chocolate trying to find one that would complement the Goupie base best (any excuse, right?). While the trend was for 70% cocoa solids chocolate and higher, it quickly became clear that the percentage of cocoa solids did not necessarily reflect the quality of the chocolate.  It also became clear that the more bitter chocolates just didn’t work with the Goupie base. We also we eager to consider who was producing the chocolate, and what their ethical stance was.  We firmly believe in sustainable food production that does not harm the planet, but we also wanted to be sure that the cocoa farmers were being paid fairly for their crop, making a proper living that supported families and communities.


After a lot of deliberation, and more tasting, we finally decided on a 54% Belgian couverture chocolate, produced by a company that works directly with cocoa farming cooperatives, guaranteeing a fair price for farmers, while supporting them to with training to produce more and better quality cocoa.  The company also directly contributes to schooling and community projects; building schools and wells and providing medical services such as vaccinations.

Chocolate 3

Aside from the ethical benefits of using this chocolate, there also came a great number of edible benefits. First, the classification of our chocolate as couverture (meaning it has a high cocoa butter content) gives it that glorious shine, snap and melt-in-the-mouth texture. Second, our dark chocolate contains no dairy and is completely vegan friendly – allowing, in turn, a large portion of our Goupie offerings to follow suit! Last, but certainly not least, our chosen chocolate is delicious! It came up first in almost every taste test, and is the perfect combination of smooth, dark and sweet to balance our syrupy centre. Devilishly moreish by anyone’s standards!

Check back with us next month for a closer look at another one of our carefully cultivated suppliers!