Goupie Chocolate House

Where memories are made.

Our chocolate house is the perfect place to catch up with friends, bring your toddler after their ballet class or treat yourself to something naughty after a hard week.

We’ve got children’s books, family-friendly games and local magazines for you to enjoy on our wonky, hand-made (yes, by us, and yes, you can tell), tables. You’ll find a small retail section filled with all your favourite Goupie goodies including Goupie, Dips & Dabs and our Hot Chocolates. From now and then you’ll even find some other vegan sweet treats.

We serve make-your-own hot chocolates allowing you to choose your own milk, chocolate and flavour as well as our very special extra thick hot chocolate!


Alongside our hot chocolates is our locally sourced coffee from Café Hormozi, specifically chosen to work best with our plant-based milks, and a selection of tea blends from Bird & Blend.

We make almost all of our baked goods in-store, except for our croissants, because frankly, who has the time?! You can grab yourself a sharing board of Goupie pieces, and pick & mix your flavours to take home. Everything in store is vegan friendly, but we dare you to notice!

Our menu changes daily depending on what we’ve decided to bake/how popular certain items have been. Generally, you’ll find at least one cake, once cheesecake, croissants, cookies, scones and something naughty like a brownie or muffin.

Chocolate House Frontage

Made to Order

You can pre-order whole cakes and bakes for your special occasions. Just shoot us a message and we can discuss your options.