Goupie Gift Guide

We’re lucky enough to come across some amazing businesses doing what we do, and we thought it was about time we shared the knowledge! Here are our top picks for Christmas gifts this year (other than Goupie, of course!), some you may already know, hopefully there’s at least one you didn’t, one thing is for…

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Why We Chose: Aylesford Pottery

Nordic Mugs

Something which we’re especially excited about at the moment, is our hot chocolates. Not only are they delicious, but the world of hot chocolate has opened up a whole host of new opportunities. This includes different flavour combinations, event options and even the addition of homeware into our stores! Our Nordic Mugs are a perfect…

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Meet: Date & Walnut Goupie

Where Does Date & Walnut Goupie Come From? Date & Walnut Goupie was originally born from the desire to produce a gluten-free version of Goupie. Of course, since then, we’ve developed all of our recipes to be gluten-free. We no longer even have gluten in our factory! All of this, you can probably thank Date…

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Why We Chose: Cafe Hormozi

Oat Milk Coffee

Anyone who know’s Goupie, or has read any of our previous blog posts, will know that we love a fellow family business! So, it should come as no surprise that our coffee supplier is yet another Kent-based family business. Let us introduce you to: Cafe Hormozi. We first came across Cafe Hormozi in a personal…

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Reuse our Dip & Dab Tins!

Candle and Cactus

One of the main reasons we chose to package our Dips & Dabs and Hot Chocolates in tins is that tin is infinitely recyclable, and the pots are also super easy to reuse around the house. We want to be creating products which not only taste good, but keep giving well after they’ve been finished!…

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Meet: Mochaccino Goupie

Mochaccino Goupie

Where Does Mochaccino Goupie Come From? Mochaccino Goupie has had its ups and downs over the years. It initially came to pass after we asked ourselves the question: what would our Espresso base taste like with white chocolate? The answer was delicious! We came up with the name from it’s two-toned appearance and chocolate-coffee combo,…

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Brandmance: Munchy Seeds

For those of you out there looking for a savoury snack that you can feel good about eating, Munchy Seeds really are the perfect solution. Much like Goupie, Munchy Seeds come from a family recipe – what would we do without our grandmother’s, eh? As with any good family food start-up, Munchy Seeds was originally produced in the…

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Why We Chose: Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon Sea Salt

The discovery that salt and caramel worked well as a combination is attributed to French chocolatier Henri Le Roux who ran a shop in Brittany – famous for its salted butter. Since his invention in the late 70s – and subsequent awards for his creation in the 80s,  salted caramel has become ubiquitous – and…

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Meet: English Lavender Goupie

Where Does English Lavender Goupie Come From? English Lavender Goupie originally came about when the Hop Shop, long-time customers, and situated on a lavender farm, asked if we’d consider trying their products in Goupie. We set about trialing a few different essential oils, and using the petals directly in the base. Eventually, we came up…

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Why We Chose: Dove’s Biscuit Crumb

Those of you who’ve been paying attention, may remember our tagline: a devilishly moreish, chewy chocolate confection, with a hint of crunch. Today, we’d like to talk about that crunch! In Grandma Noble’s original recipe, this would have come from Rice Krispies and crushed biscuits. For our first few years, we followed this recipe fairly…

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