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Product review: Goupie

Posted by CULINARYCOELIAC on AUGUST 13, 2017

Hi there fellow chocolate lovers!

Today’s product review features Goupie Groupies. These triangles of chewy cocoa-rich goodness are all unique delicious flavours, each of them hand crafted to perfection.They make amazing gluten, dairy, soya and egg free cute lil’ chocolates, but be warned they are extremely addictive (even the box comes with a written warning!) I personally had to hide the boxes from my chocaholic mum and continuously bat her hand away while I was eating them! Don’t get me wrong I normally love sharing yummy food with my family, but these chocolates were the first free from allergys I’ve found, so her dairy eating hand can take itself elsewhere to some boring Cadburys.

I was honoured enough to be able to try two sharing boxes of cherry&almond and date&walnut, then a mini box of the slated sticky toffee! The cherry ones were the perfect balance of the delicious duo of flavours. They were topped with a flake of crunchy almond and filled with succulent, juicy, cherries, creating an extra gooey texture. This moreish filling is decadently enrobed in our signature cover of dark Belgian chocolate. And the cherry on the cake (or in this case chocolate) is it’s not only dairy-free, but also gluten-free AND vegan friendly! Perfect for those of you like me with allergies, or family members, that’s if you don’t get into the box first!

The mini box of salted sticky toffee is a super gooey it was heavenly, but it’s not overly sweet as the topping of Maldon Sea Salt flakes makes it the perfect salty sweet mix. This flavour is only available in the mini boxes, so I would advise you to stock up and buy more than one box! This flavour is also completely gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan friendly.

I definitely saved the best until last here; my favourite though would have to be the date and walnut combination! I likened the flavour to Tunnocks caramel wafer bars from my childhood (the ones in the red and gold striped wrapping). These triangles were a taste explosion of creamy walnuts and sticky dates, thinly embodied in a delicious coating of dark, Belgian, chocolate. This flavour is again completely gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly. Perfect for snacking on the go or as a treat with your cup of tea in the evening!

You can buy these amazing treats on the website here but they are also stocked in farm shops and independent retailers throughout the UK as they are based in Kent. To be honest if the pictures above don’t make you ravenously hungry and wanting to be a Goupie Groupie, then quite frankly I don’t know what will!

Feel free to drop me an email on my site if you have any questions regarding these amazing chocolates, or visit the Goupie website or their instagram for more information! If you have had the pleasure of already trying these, what is your favourite flavour? and how would you recommend the best way to eat them?

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