Reblog: Food & Other Loves Goupie Review


A few weeks ago the very kind people at Goupie sent me some delicious chocolate to try out and review. Goupie is basically a delicious and very moreish chewy chocolate confection which has a hint of crunch and is topped with fine dark Belgian chocolate. I thought it sounded amazing and something I would love, and luckily I was right, I have become a bit obsessed with these!

Goupie are all about delivering flavour but from the beginning they wanted to make sure it was affordable and that the product was always the priority, making sure it’s tasty and appeals to everyone. Goupie actually first started over 50 years ago and is a genuine family recipe which I think is really lovely. Janet Simpson refined the original goupie into a whole range of yummy flavours, which are all made by hand and cut into triangular pieces. Some of the flavours you can get aside from Original are:

– Espresso
– Cherry and Almond
– Chilli
– Cardamom & White Chocolate
– Lavender and White Chocolate
– Ginger
– Date and Walnut
– Mint
– Lavender and Dark Chocolate
– Orange
– Hazelnut

I was sent the Original and the Mint, both of which I was so excited to try! I love anything Mint flavoured, so I was really intrigued to see how these would taste!

The first I tried was the Original which I actually think tastes really similar to Tiffin which I just love so much! Tiffin is basically like Rocky Road just without the marshmallows, and I’m pretty sure it’s also known as or is similar to Biscuit Cake and I thought the texture of these was really similar to that. Chewy and Crunchy. I loved the flavour of the chocolate these are coated in, it’s dark but it’s definitely not bitter or sharp which I find with some dark chocolate. These were so moreish and I found myself eating one after the other!

I was so happy to have received the Mint Goupie to try because I am obsessed with any sort mint chocolate! It’s one of my favourites and something I reach for all the time. I loved these because they had a strong peppermint flavour but it wasn’t too much, if that makes sense. I find sometimes mint chocolate can be a bit overpowering but these were perfect. I think these are the perfect after dinner treat as they’re not too heavy and filling but fill that need for a sweet treat that I always get at night.

Aswell as the taste of both of these, I also love the packaging! I love that it’s quite simple but stands out and I know I’d be drawn to these if I saw them in a shop. I think these are the perfect size aswell and you get a decent amount of chocolates in each box for only £4! These would make perfect gifts for people at Christmas and birthdays. I always like to get people a box of chocolates for both occassions but I’m always stuck with what to get and I hate getting the same for people year after year so I know I’ll definitely be looking for these again in the future. They’re just a bit different but I think they have a flavour everyone would like. I don’t think I could pick between the Original and the Mint as they were both so nice and I know I’d buy them both!

Overall I was really impressed with the boxes I tried from Goupie. Both flavours were delicious and I loved how unique they were to all the other chocolate I’m used to! If you want to try anything from Goupie, check our their website here. You can order chocolates online or you can check your area on the website to see if anywhere near you stocks them!

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