ReBlog: Vegan Shenanigans



This weekend there is a food festival in my home town, so we decided to take a walk and have a nosey. Everything was meat and cheese (completely expected that) but by chance there was a lovely little purple gazebo calling to me.

It was chocolate called “Goupie”, and most of it was vegan!

Once I’d barged people out of the way with my elbows to get to the free samples, I stood and stuffed my face like I was some sort of chocolate connoisseur. I kept pointing at each plate and asking “and this one is Vegan?”, each time she told me only one of the plates wasn’t. If I’m honest I understood this the first time but I had to distract her away from the fact I was taking the mickey with how much I was taking. She didn’t seem to mind and was very friendly. She explained how these were family recipes. You can tell there’s a lot of love put into them.

They are dark chocolate triangles (there’s a couple of white chocolate ones but they aren’t vegan). I was expecting them to be big blocks of chocolate but they have a lovely chewy centre instead.

There are loads of different flavours, take a look at the photo with those on, I’d get sore fingers typing all of those out.

They come in really cute boxes that I think would make a great gifts. Make the vegan in your life happy this Xmas, buy them Goupie….you can have that slogan free on me Goupie, you’re welcome!

Most vegans are aware there are some products that are made for vegans and they’re nice because it’s the closest thing you’ll get to something you used to like but it’s a bit weird. This isn’t like that. They don’t feel aimed at vegans, they feel like they’ve made a delicious product that just happens to be vegan. That’s my favourite sort.

They also had recipes using Goupie which looked delicious. Chocolate Cheesecake and Date & Walnut energy balls. I’ve added them below. I’ll have to make these sometime and write about it.

I was glad to hear they had sold out of a lot of their stock but luckily for me there was still some hazelnut and some mint ones left.

So now I’m at home, I’ve got a cup of tea, I’m stuffing my face and loving every second of it!

Have a look at their website. Buy yourself some. Buy your vegan friend some. Buy your non-vegan friend some.

This is a reblog from Vegan Shenanigans.