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ReBlog: Forever Miss VanitySocial InfluencersReBlog: Forever Miss Vanity

The chocolates are incredibly chewy with a lovely crunchy centre and they are perfect for those who are not overly keen on dark chocolate as they are not as rich as other chocolates on the market.

ReBlog: Amy Seeks New TreatsSocial InfluencersReBlog: Amy Seeks New Treats

Wowzer. I wasn't expecting that. The flavours were spot on.

ReBlog: My Papermache Mind Goupie ReviewSocial InfluencersReBlog: My Papermache Mind Goupie Review

They were in an adorable little box, so Goupie also gets some major points for presentation, but they definitely deserve an even bigger applause for the taste.

Reblog: Food & Other Loves Goupie ReviewSocial InfluencersReblog: Food & Other Loves Goupie Review

These were so moreish and I found myself eating one after the other!

ReBlog - Someone's Mum Goupie ReviewSocial InfluencersReBlog - Someone's Mum Goupie Review

Goupies are the most delicious new chocolate I have tasted in a very long time.

ReBlog: Vegan ShenanigansSocial InfluencersReBlog: Vegan Shenanigans

Make the vegan in your life happy this Xmas, buy them Goupie!

ReBlog: Golly Miss Holly Goupie ReviewSocial InfluencersReBlog: Golly Miss Holly Goupie Review

They’re certainly more unique than your standard box of chocs!! And perfect for Mother’s Day on Sunday! The best part is they’re dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly!

ReBlog: Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Why I am a Goupie GroupieSocial InfluencersReBlog: Ethical Business: Ethical Life – Why I am a Goupie Groupie

Family recipe, ethical and not-too-expensive: Goupie chocolates are a sweet revelation!

Lucy Watson - Instagram StorySocial InfluencersLucy Watson - Instagram Story

Lucy Waton's a fan <3

ReBlog: Culinary CoeliacSocial InfluencersReBlog: Culinary Coeliac

I personally had to hide the boxes from my chocaholic mum and continuously bat her hand away while I was eating them!

ReBlog: Kev's Snack ReviewsSocial InfluencersReBlog: Kev's Snack Reviews

The centres in these were very sticky, no doubt thanks to the dates, and oh so moreish. They also have a rich chocolate flavour going on.

ReBlog - Nibbles & Scribbles Goupie ReviewSocial InfluencersReBlog - Nibbles & Scribbles Goupie Review

These wee triangle pieces were the perfect bitesized pieces. I wasn’t at all sure what to expect but in a nutshell bloomin delicious.