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Chocolate & Lavender Ice Cream
Vegan Recipes

Chocolate & Lavender Ice Cream

Prep Time

Those of you astutely following us on social media, might have noticed that last week we visited the Hop Shop. They are one of our long-time customers and supplier of the Lavandin Oil and Culinary Lavender Petals that go into our two most controversial flavours. This got us feeling all inspired to come up with a new lavender recipe for the summer. And here you have it a chocolate rich, dairy-free and vegan ice cream with a hint of lavender! Happy scooping Goupie Groupies!

What You Do

Follow your ice cream makers instructions - please be aware that some require freezing 24hours before use!

Thoroughly mix all ingredients, except for the Goupie, making sure to get rid of any lumps. You can taste here for cocoa and sweetness preference.

Chop the Lavender Goupie into small chunks and add to the mix.

Pour the mixture into your ice cream maker and leave toe churn! Ta-da!

Enjoy your deliciously creamy chocolate lavender ice cream! Perfect for a hot summer's day.

You can always add a bigger punch of lavender with some lavender essential oil, or garnish your pud with a Goupie Lavender Disc!

Chocllate Lavender Icecream