Chocolate Toffee Apples

Prep Time


  • 6 Smallish Apples

  • 250g Sugar

  • 2tbsps Golden Syrup

  • 1tsps Apple Cider Vinegar

  • 1tsps Vanilla Essence

  • 180g Chilli Goupie

  • 6 Skewers

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Blitz up the Goupie and spread it evenly on a plate.

Heat up the sugar, syrup, vinegar and vanilla until the sugar has fully dissolved.

N.B. We used Chilli Goupie with our toffee apples, because we think that a little spicy kick is perfect for Halloween, but why not try Salted Sticky Toffee or Orange Goupie? In fact, you could have a whole range of flavoured toffee apples!

Skewer the apples and cover them in syrup. This may need to be done fairly quickly, before the syrup hardens up too much!

Transfer the apples to the pre-prepared plate to create a base of Goupie.

Sprinkle leftovers on the top for extra chocolatey goodness!