Extra Thick Hot Chocolate

Cook Time


  • 25g Goupie's Extra Thick Hot Chocolate

  • 150ml Oat Mik

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Our extra thick hot chocolate is unbelievably thick and dunkable, it just takes a little patience to make! Here's our full-proof method.


  1. Measure out the ingredients precisely. This is very important for the perfect texture!
  2. Add the milk to a small pan, and start to heat. A medium heat should be fine.
  3. Add the powder, and whisk continually.
  4. Keep whisking! This may take 5 minutes, or even longer, but it's imperative that you don't stop until you see the hot chocolate change in texture and colour.
  5. Serve!

If your hot chocolate is still runny, or leaves a powdery texture on your tongue, it has not been cooked for long enough! Be patient, it's worth the wait.

We like to dunk homemade shortbread biscuits in ours!