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Hot Cross Buns
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Hot Cross Buns

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What are the two most iconic Easter treats? Chocolate and Hot Cross Buns of course! With that in mind, do we have a treat for you?! We've combined those who magical ingredients to come up with our very own Goupie-tastic recipe. It's full of all the good stuff: raisins, citrus peel, spices, and of course, Goupie. Not only that, but these Hot Cross Buns are completely vegan friendly and dairy-free!

What You Do

Combine the warm milk, a teaspoon of sugar and the yeast and leave to froth.

Whilst that's working it's magic, mix the remaining sugar, flour, spices and salt together and leave to one side.

Melt the margarine and combine with the frothy yeast mix and flour mix until a dough is formed. Kneed for around 10 minutes.

Leave to rise for an hour (the dough should double in size).

Now you can add your raisins, or chopped up Goupie, depending on which you choose! Kneed again and leave to rise for a further hour.

Split the dough into 9-12 similar sized balls (depending on how large you want your buns) and arrange on a tray.

Leave to rise for a final hour (you can leave them longer if you wish).

Combine flour with a little water, until you have a pipe-able paste. Pipe crosses (or whatever decoration you'd like) onto the top of your raised buns.

Bake on 200 oC for around 20-25 minutes until golden in colour.

Heat the marmalade until it becomes thin. Brush this on top of the buns for your glaze.

Vegan Hot Cross Buns
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