Mint Goupie Chip Ice Cream

Prep Time


  • 80g Mint Goupie

  • 15g Fresh Mint

  • 400ml Coconut Milk

  • 1 Avocado

  • 2tbsps Cashew Butter

  • 4tbsps Golden Syrup

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Yes, we know the summer is over, but we did just have the warmest September day recorded since 1911, and so we’re not ashamed to be posting our Mint Goupie Chip Vegan Ice Cream. It’s lusciously creamy and packed with fresh mint and gooey chocolate Goupie chunks. We think it’s great, and we’re sure you’ll agree. Happy scooping Goupie Groupies!

What You Do:

Blitz all ingredients together thoroughly (minus the Goupie).

Cut the Goupie into smallish chunks and add to the mixture.

Add mixture to ice cream maker, as per the instructions.

Goupie Note: Some ice cream makers require freezing for up to 24hours before use.