Christmas Tiffin

Prep Time


  • 100g Coconut Oil

  • 40g Agave Syrup

  • 15g Cacao Powder

  • 50g Dark Chocolate

  • 1tbsps Pistachio

  • 1tbsps Cranberries

  • 3units Taste of Christmas Goupie (chopped)

  • 1tsps Sugar

  • 150g Digestive Biscuits

  • 50g Dark Chocolate

  • 1tbsps Pistachios (chopped)

  • 1tbsps Cranberries (chopped)

  • 2units Taste of Chirstmas Goupie (chopped)

Shop Ingredients


Place biscuits in a plastic bag.

Seal the bag and crush the biscuits to small pieces.

In a sauce pan add coconut oil, syrup and cacao powder.

When melted, add 50g dark chocolate and 1 tsp sugar.

When the chocolate is melted add the pistachios, cranberries and chopped Goupie.

Pour the mixture in a small baking pan or bread loaf pan lined with parchment paper.

Use a spoon to flatten the mixture.

Melt 50g dark chocolate.

Spread it on top.

Top with chopped pistachios, cranberries and Goupie.

Let the chocolate harden in the fridge before cutting into 8-10 pieces.

Store tiffins in the fridge.