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Chocolate Orange Cakes 43 Mins Chocolate Orange Cakes

Goupie's very own vegan jaffa cake recipe! Go on, give it a go!

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Chocolate Brownies 40 Mins Chocolate Brownies

Who doesn't love a good brownies? This is our no-nonsense recipe for the ultimate fudgey chocolate brownies!

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Chocolate Fudge Cake 100 Mins Chocolate Fudge Cake

If you're looking for a nice and easy, yet crowd-pleasing, cake. Look no further than Goupie's chocolate fudge cake!

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Lotus Biscuit Cheesecake 15 Mins Lotus Biscuit Cheesecake

The time has come to share our much-loved Lotus Biscuit Cheesecake recipe with our Goupie Groupies. Here it is!

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Walnut & Chilli Chocolate Tart 140 Mins Walnut & Chilli Chocolate Tart

A spicy twist on a classic chocolate tart!

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Lavender Cupcakes 40 Mins Lavender Cupcakes

Everyone loves a cupcake, and what better way to impress your friends this summer than with some beautiful lavender cupcakes?! Thanks to Carrotline, you can, as she's made us a special recipe...

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Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake 140 Mins Lemon No-Bake Cheesecake

A yummy little no-bake lemon cheesecake, perfect for impressing your friends at summer parties! Created by _carrotline_.

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Hazelnut Truffles 20 Mins Hazelnut Truffles

Super chocolatey hazelnut truffles. Easy to make, vegan friendly and gluten-free...not to mention, delicious!

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Chocolate Banana Bread 45 Mins Chocolate Banana Bread

Put your Goupie chocolates to great use with this super-easy spin on the classic banana bread. The combined flavours of the chocolate, banana and sultanas holding hands are magic! The result - a heartfelt, comforting pudding that goes delicious with custard. It’s 100% vegan too! A recipe by Emma Oldham.

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Salted Toffee Nut Butter Fudge 20 Mins Salted Toffee Nut Butter Fudge

Our extras-special ambassador _carrotline_ has been coming up with some more yummy recipes for us! These are to die for!

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Protein Chip Cookies 20 Mins Protein Chip Cookies

Super easy to make and the perfect treat after dinner or in-between meals! Chocolate Chip Cookies - yaas!

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Chilli Rawnies 21 Mins Chilli Rawnies

Chilli chocolate rawnies with a crackling chocolate topping!

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