Meet: Date & Walnut Goupie

Where Does Date & Walnut Goupie Come From? Date & Walnut Goupie was originally born from the desire to produce a gluten-free version of Goupie. Of course, since then, we’ve developed all of our recipes to be gluten-free. We no longer even have gluten in our factory! All of this, you can probably thank Date…

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Meet: Mochaccino Goupie

Mochaccino Goupie

Where Does Mochaccino Goupie Come From? Mochaccino Goupie has had its ups and downs over the years. It initially came to pass after we asked ourselves the question: what would our Espresso base taste like with white chocolate? The answer was delicious! We came up with the name from it’s two-toned appearance and chocolate-coffee combo,…

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Meet: English Lavender Goupie

Where Does English Lavender Goupie Come From? English Lavender Goupie originally came about when the Hop Shop, long-time customers, and situated on a lavender farm, asked if we’d consider trying their products in Goupie. We set about trialing a few different essential oils, and using the petals directly in the base. Eventually, we came up…

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Meet: White Chocolate & Cardamom

Where Does White Chocolate & Cardamom Goupie Come From? White Chocolate & Cardamom Goupie started life after Janet made the family one of her famous Indian feasts. For dessert she adapted a recipe for Gajar halwa and we LOVED it. Getting excited at the revelation that cardamom worked well not only in curries, but sweet…

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Meet: Ginger Goupie

Ginger Goupie

Where Does Ginger Goupie Come From? Ginger Goupie came about in the second round of flavour additions, seeming to be an obvious choice alongside flavours such as Espresso. It took a while to get the ginger balance exactly right, with non-ginger lovers always claiming it’s too strongly gingery whilst ginger lovers exclaimed there wasn’t nearly…

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Meet: Espresso Goupie

Coffee Chocolate Goupie

Where Does Espresso Goupie Come From? Founded in the second round of Goupie flavours alongside Ginger, Espresso Goupie was a no-brainer for the Simpson family. With Joe regularly consuming 10 espressos a day, it seemed like an obvious choice for our next flavour combination! Whatโ€™s in Espresso Goupie? Espresso Goupie starts with our signature cocoa-rich…

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Meet: Hazelnut Goupie

Vegan & Gluten Free Hazelnut Goupie

Where Does Hazelnut Goupie Come From? This is one of the four original flavours alongside Chilli, Orange, and Mint โ€“ not counting Original itself. Hazelnut Goupie has gone through a range of transformations, originally made using nibbed and roasted hazelnuts which were later replaced in favour of whole hazelnut pieces that you can really sink…

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Meet: Original Goupie

Original Goupie Box

Where Does Original Goupie Come From? Original Goupie is the closest recipe to Grandma Noble’s original Goupie recipe. Grandma couldn’t quite remember where she had originally sourced the recipe, but it was written in her hand-written cook book, for those special family favourites. Grandma Noble was Janet’s mother who is, of course, the founder of…

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Meet: Mint Goupie

Vegan Mint Chocolate Goupie

Where Does Mint Goupie Come From? This is one of the four original flavours alongside Chilli, Orange, and Hazelnut โ€“ not counting Original itself. Mint Goupie is a classic combination of peppermint and chocolate, the ideal treat after eight, or frankly, any time! Whatโ€™s in Mint Goupie? Mint Goupie consists of a cocoa-syrup base which…

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Meet: Cherry & Almond

Cherry and Almond Vegan Chocolate

Where Does Cherry & Almond Goupie Come From? Cherry & Almond was originally created as one of our two gluten-free flavours. Benefiting from the natural ingredients of cherries and almonds, we found we didn’t need to use biscuit crumb to make our treat keep that devilishly moreish texture we all know and love. Since then,…

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