Why We Chose: Aylesford Pottery

Nordic Mugs

Something which we’re especially excited about at the moment, is our hot chocolates. Not only are they delicious, but the world of hot chocolate has opened up a whole host of new opportunities. This includes different flavour combinations, event options and even the addition of homeware into our stores! Our Nordic Mugs are a perfect…

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Why We Chose: Cafe Hormozi

Oat Milk Coffee

Anyone who know’s Goupie, or has read any of our previous blog posts, will know that we love a fellow family business! So, it should come as no surprise that our coffee supplier is yet another Kent-based family business. Let us introduce you to: Cafe Hormozi. We first came across Cafe Hormozi in a personal…

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Why We Chose: Maldon Sea Salt

Maldon Sea Salt

The discovery that salt and caramel worked well as a combination is attributed to French chocolatier Henri Le Roux who ran a shop in Brittany – famous for its salted butter. Since his invention in the late 70s – and subsequent awards for his creation in the 80s,Β  salted caramel has become ubiquitous – and…

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Why We Chose: RSPO Palm Oil


We’ve spoken many times in the past about our decision to use an RSPO Certified Palm Oil in our products. We’ve posted about it on our social media accounts, printed leaflets and even popped a little piece in our FAQs. However, all of these media types required a limited character count, and we felt the…

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The History of Dates

Dates used to be a Goupie ingredient we used in only a few of our flavours, adding an extra gooey element and richness of flavour. But now it’s a component of all our dark chocolate Goupies, allowing us to reduce refined sugar quantities and adding much more goodness (including potassium, protein, and fiber). This historical…

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The History of Chocolate

Chocolate, broadly speaking, begins as a cocoa bean. Dark and milk chocolate is made up of a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and often a milk of some sort. The first two ingredients both originate from the cocoa bean. White chocolate uses cocoa butter as a main component. The cocoa bean has a…

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