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Chocolate Samosas
Vegan Recipes

Chocolate Samosas

Prep Time
Cook Time

Switching up a classic, we’ve cooked up some chocolate Goupie samosas. They’re super tasty and wonderfully easy to make. We reckon with practice you could prep the whole batch in under 10 minutes ;) What's more? You can use any of our Goupie flavours in the recipe, so they can be completely vegan friendly and gluten-free. We used White Chocolate & Cardamom and Chilli for ours to add a bit of Indian spice to our sweet samosa twists.

What You Do

Cut the filo pastry sheets into thirds length-ways.

Add the blitzed Goupie to one end and fold into triangles. Use the sunflower oil to seal the parcels.

Brush sunflower oil on both sides of the samosas and bake for 12mins on 180 oC.

If you wanna make a devilishly moreish, vegan, dipping sauce to accompany your delicious samosas: melt the chocolate and mix with the cream cheese, vanilla and sunflower oil.

We also like ours with fresh berries, just so you can feel a little bit healthy ;)