A kick of variety in your life!

Since 2009, Beanies have been THE flavour coffee specialists with a mission to revolutionise the average cup of coffee. Now, we here at Goupie love our coffee (as is expressed by our gorgeous Espresso Goupie!), so Beanies gives us a different flavour each and every day to wake up to! Whether you prefer an Amaretto Almond or are in the mood for a Coconut Delight, the list of flavours is endless!

Providing an abundance of flavours is one thing, but Beanies go the extra step and give you so many ways in which you can sip your morning, midday, afternoon or evening coffee! From Instant Coffee granules to Premium Blends, from Stick Stashes to innovative Coffee Bags! The amount of different ways that you can enjoy your hot caffeinated beverage is endless! If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can even get a Stash Box of 9 different flavours to put a giant kick of variety in your life! 

Beanies Instant Coffee Coconut Delight  

Don't let the abundance of flavours put you off though! Whilst many of us adore the gorgeous scent and taste of a pure roasted coffee, there's always room for a little variation from the norm. Why not take a chance on a jar? They make around 25 cups of coffee and are pretty affordable when you compare it to your average cup of Starbucks or Costa. Live a little and take a chance on a Pumpkin Spice or a Caramel Popcorn!

In addition to all of this, they clearly care about the health and wellbeing that their coffee products can give. Their regular range of instant and ground coffee is completely suitable for vegans. Each flavour is just 2 calories a cup as they don’t add any sugar or sweeteners to their products. On top of all of that, they have Beanies+, a new range of coffee that provides added Vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones!


They’re constantly creating new flavours so that those who are Beanies faithful always have something new to look forward to in the morning! They’re also incredibly active and fun to follow on social media with great content and competitions happening all the time!

So be sure to check out Beanies on their websiteTwitterFacebook and Instagram. And when you do get your hands on a cup of Beanies, be sure to enjoy it with a chunk of Goupie!