Why Chocolate Is The Best Gift?

Goupie Original pieces

Chocolate has long been deemed one of the go-to gifts, but why is giving chocolate the best gift you can give? We have a few ideas, and we thought we'd share them with you here... Gift of the Gods Chocolate has a long, and rich history. Though not all of chocolate's history is positive (indeed…

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Surfers Against Sewage

Our Ocean Collection is the third charity collection we have on the website, with £5 from every sale going directly to Surfers Against Sewage! Here at Goupie, we're passionate about more than just crafting delicious chocolates; we're committed to making a positive impact on our planet. That's why we've teamed up with Surfers Against Sewage…

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Why Does Chocolate Go White?

Dark Chocolate Pieces

As we start to move into the warmer months, we thought perhaps it was a good idea to talk about proper chocolate care! Once in a blue moon, a customer will send us a picture of their chocolate, bought in one of our wonderful retail customer shops, and ask if it's 'gone off'. The chocolate…

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We Need Your Help!

Hazelnut Goupie Chocolate Pieces

At Goupie, we've tried to be on a constant journey of improvement with regards to sustainability. We've consistently researched alternative packaging materials, ingredients, accreditations and production methods, making any changes we found viable as soon as possible. Despite this, there are still a few challenges that we've been unable to overcome, and we're starting to…

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Dairy Free vs Vegan. What's the difference?

Salted Sticky Toffee Goupie

We've been noticing a lot of press lately surrounding the confusion of products being labelled as vegan whilst not being dairy free, and so we thought we'd try and shed some light on the matter! Vegan products are those which do not contain animal products. This may include, but is not limited to eggs, dairy,…

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Christmas Clearance

This year, we wanted to do Christmas a little differently, with a Christmas Clearance! But, why? We want to take you through all the reasons why we think this is a great idea... After taking a look around our little storage unit, we realised that we've somehow managed to amass a variety of surplus packaging…

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Make Mini Pumpkins!

Those who've been following Goupie for a while will know that we LOVE to use our old boxes for arts and crafts! We felt that it had been a little while since we'd made anything new, and with the Autumn season kicking off it felt like the perfect time to try something new. These adorable…

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Repurpose Your Goupie Basket!

Our glorious chocolate pumpkins come packaged in our wooden baskets, cushioned with shred and wrapped in our compostable bags. But it would be a shame to just throw them out right? We fully believe in reusing our packaging as much as possible and that's why we've come up with a super fun way to repurpose…

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What Is Chocolate Confectionery?

Lemon Meringue Goupie

We regularly describe Goupie as a 'devilishly moreish, chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch', but what exactly is a chocolate confectionery? According to HMRC, a confectionery is: any form of food normally eaten with the fingers and made by a cooking process, other than baking, which contains a substantial amount of sweetening matter.…

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Rewilding Britian

Eagle-eyed Goupie Groupies will have noticed the addition of our new collections, each designed to support a different community project or charity. Amongst these is the Earth Collection, containing Espresso, Hazelnut, Date & Walnut, Mochaccino, Mint and White Chocolate & Cardamom Goupie, and donating £5 from each sale to Rewilding Britain. We feel especially strongly…

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