Christmas Clearance

This year, we wanted to do Christmas a little differently, with a Christmas Clearance! But, why? We want to take you through all the reasons why we think this is a great idea… After taking a look around our little storage unit, we realised that we’ve somehow managed to amass a variety of surplus packaging…

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Make Mini Pumpkins!

Those who’ve been following Goupie for a while will know that we LOVE to use our old boxes for arts and crafts! We felt that it had been a little while since we’d made anything new, and with the Autumn season kicking off it felt like the perfect time to try something new. These adorable…

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Repurpose Your Goupie Basket!

Our glorious chocolate pumpkins come packaged in our wooden baskets, cushioned with shred and wrapped in our compostable bags. But it would be a shame to just throw them out right? We fully believe in reusing our packaging as much as possible and that’s why we’ve come up with a super fun way to repurpose…

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What Is Chocolate Confectionery?

Lemon Meringue Goupie

We regularly describe Goupie as a ‘devilishly moreish, chewy chocolate confection with a hint of crunch’, but what exactly is a chocolate confectionery? According to HMRC, a confectionery is: any form of food normally eaten with the fingers and made by a cooking process, other than baking, which contains a substantial amount of sweetening matter.…

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Rewilding Britian

Eagle-eyed Goupie Groupies will have noticed the addition of our new collections, each designed to support a different community project or charity. Amongst these is the Earth Collection, containing Espresso, Hazelnut, Date & Walnut, Mochaccino, Mint and White Chocolate & Cardamom Goupie, and donating £5 from each sale to Rewilding Britain. We feel especially strongly…

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Corporate Gifting

Coffee Chocolate Goupie

What is corporate gifting? Corporate gifting involves providing gifts to employees, customers, colleagues and other stakeholders as a way to build relationships and show appreciation for their services. This could come in many forms, physical and non-physical, edible and non-edible! Why is corporate gifting important? Sending a gift to your employees or customers is a…

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Tonbridge Pride

Tonbridge Angels Football Team At Tonbridge Pride

Last year, Tonbridge saw its very first Pride parade, hosted by the fabulous Sofia Stardust and organised by Zoe Duerden. It was such a great success and we’re delighted to see it return this year, and hopefully many more years to come! With our factory set in Goudhurst, Tonbridge Pride is our most local LGBTQIA+…

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It’s Gin O’Chock!

Something which we’ve always enjoyed about Goupie is watching our small stockists thrive. This is something which we’ve especially enjoyed with Gin O’Chock! We first got to know Ann at the Goupie Chocolate House when she hosted a children’s storytelling workshop as part of the Tunbridge Wells Fringe Festival. Following on from this, Ann hosted…

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The Lesser Known Benefits of a Vegan Diet

Sure, you’re not going to get that pang of guilt when you’re out walking in the spring and come across a field of newborn lambs, and of course, you no longer need to feel like a hypocrite when you’re at the McDonald’s drive-thru in your electric car. But aside from the obvious moral, environmental and…

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The Goupie Chocolate House

GCH Partnership

Those of you who’ve been following our progress diligently over the past few years will know that at the end of 2019 we opened the Goupie Chocolate House. This was a cafe, based in Tunbridge Wells, which came about very quickly from curiosity and good timing. We thought perhaps now that the dust had settled,…

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