Make Mini Pumpkins!

Those who’ve been following Goupie for a while will know that we LOVE to use our old boxes for arts and crafts! We felt that it had been a little while since we’d made anything new, and with the Autumn season kicking off it felt like the perfect time to try something new. These adorable mini pumpkins are super easy to make requiring just a few supplies. You don’t need to use our boxes, any old piece of cardboard will do!


What You Need

Old Cardboard


Coloured Wool


What You Do

First of all, you need to cut some strips of card. We made ours around 1cm thick and used the flaps on the end of our Goupie box. You’re looking for a length between 7cm and 10cm for a standard wool thickness, but if you have chunky wool you could increase the thickness and length of your strips.

Form a ring with the card and glue it in place.

Take a long length of wool (at least a few meters, but you can always add more later if you run out). We chose some autumnal colours in reds and oranges to start with.

Tie one end of the wool around the ring in a knot to keep it in place. Then continue to wrap the rest of the wool around the ring. We used a wool needle for this, but you can do it by hand! You’ll want to keep doing this until the ring is completely covered by wool and you have a nice round shape. If you run out of wool before you’re happy with the result, simply tie a new length to the end and keep going. You can tuck in any odd ends to the centre.

Once you’re happy that your ring is covered, poke the end of the wool into the centre. Choose a different coloured wool (We used green) and cut a piece around 10cm long. Fold this in half and tie it in a knot. Add some glue to the centre of your ring and poke the green knot inside until it is only poking out a little.

There you have it, mini pumpkins! They are so simple to make, but make a real impact when decorating your house for Autumn. Let us know how you get on with yours!

Pumpkin Craft