Brandmance: Charrington's Cider

Goupie's been around for over 10 years now, and in that time we've done A LOT of shows. Whether it be trade shows, large consumer fairs, local food markets or pop-ups in farm shops, we've done them all! Right there next to us at most of these events (especially within Kent) is Charrington's.

Charrington's is based on a family farm, just 15 minutes away from our Goupie factory in Goudhurst. Alex runs the farm, and company, having taken it on from his father who originally bought Cryals Farmin the 1960's. Their speciality is apples!

Alex Mocktail Red 0124

Charrington's specialises in hand-picking apples from their orchards and using them to create a host of delicious and high-quality apple-based products. This includes sparkling ciders, apple juice and apple crisps! All of which are of course completely vegan friendly and plant-based (apple-based in fact!).

Taste is at the centre of what Charrington's do. Everything is produced in small batches, such as their Estate Craft Ciders which are fermented to create an almost wine-like quality, perfect for a hot summer's day! This attention to detail has been rewarded by the huge number of awards they've won, including the coveted Great Taste Awards. In fact, EVERY product they make has won an award of some kind. Truly an achievement!

Charringtons Co op 8

Fortunately, Charrington's also cares about their farm's sustainability. They have both a Red Tractor and Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) accreditation which represents the highest global certification in farming sustainability.

All of their ciders and apple juices are also bottled in glass for ease of recyclability and to reflect the quality within. Charrington's is able to trace every apple back to the field where it was grown and the day it was picked. For anyone who's ever attempted to manage traceability within a production line, you'll know this is no easy feat!

What's more, is all of their cold stores are run off rooftop solar panels, and their irrigation is managed by reservoirs on-site which collect rain water. Applaudable!

Alex Breakfast Juice 9650

That's enough gushing from us, if you really want to learn more about a Kentish gem, you should really visit their website!

Fortunately for us, our love of Charrington's isn't just a one way street! They're also fans of us, which is why we've teamed up to offer a chocolate and cider combo on their website. Order by Sunday to receive your cider and Goupie boxes for the following weekend. Currently, we're stocking them with Salted Sticky Toffee and Original, but keep you eyes peeled, there will be more to come!