How Goupie Struck Gold

Goupie melted its way onto the scene 11 years ago and has oozed popularity ever since. Grace and the team have expanded, opening a chocolate shop and café most recently in the tranquil setting of Tunbridge Wells, they have since been enjoying the steadily growing local interest in the tasty treat.

“My parents had run a few businesses when I was younger, so I always thought it was the normal thing to do, be your own boss, run your own business. Goupie actually happened almost by accident, we’d taken some samples to a few local farm shops on a whim, and they’d decided to order some.”

“We kind of had to scramble a bit then to design packaging and make it look like a product to sell, the business grew quite naturally after that.”

Grace had no previous experience with running an expanding business before Goupie but loved the idea that her grandmother’s personal recipe was so popular with others...

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