Exploring Goudhurst

Goudhurst is a pretty little village in Kent, near the border to East Sussex. Aside from the picturesque village, it’s also abundant in rolling hills and farmland. Goupie is based on one of these farms, Spelmonden, which grows plumbs, apples and pears. A Kentish staple!

Pear Tree

One of our favourite spots to go for a quick Goupie catch-up, or afterwork drink, is The Vine. Goudhurst is home to a number of decent pubs, including the Goudhurst Inn for clay-oven pizzas or the Star and Eagle for afternoon tea, but if you’re just looking for a classic British pub for a quick drink, the Vine’s the place to go! If you’re lucky enough to visit on a sunny day, sit outside and watch the pond, it’s beautiful!

Goudhurst Thumbnail

One reason you may have heard of Goudhurst, is its smuggling history. In 1747, the Goudhurst locals defeated ‘the Hawkhurst gang’ a gang of smugglers with hidden tunnels spanning all across Kent, in a notorious battle. The local Milita successfully pushed back the violent gang, and the village still celebrates this feat every April.

Goudhurst Church

Of course, one of the BIGGEST attractions in Goudhurst is the Goupie Factory itself. Known by many postmen/women as the place to inhale deeply when you pop your head in the door! Many people are surprised to hear that absolutely ALL Goupie is hand-made here by our team of artisans. We’re definitely not just a sales and marketing outfit – in fact, we only have 1 person out of 7 in that role currently!

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In any good village you need your local village store. Goudhurst is no exception, Burgess Stores provides the locals with all the essentials they need, including Goupie, of course! There’s also the local postoffice, bakery and a small clothing boutique. A little way out of of the centre, you’ll find Taywell Farm Shop, another Goupie customer. It’s everything a farm shop should be and full of local goodies!

Burgess Stores

Hopefully we’ve given you a little insight into the village of Goudhurst, and have encouraged a few of you to visit yourselves one day! Make sure you pop in to say hi if you do…