Ice cream with no sugar!

The journey began in 2012 financed by family % friends and early crowdfunding, by Justin Woolverton, joined a year later by the fellow former lawyer, Bouton. With no previous marketing experience, they initially set out using in-store sampling and demonstrations at shows as their main marketing tool, however they quickly realized that it wasn’t working…

 They decided to switch ‘digital’, primarily focusing on influencer marketing, their operations consisted of two main tactics, targeted ads, and influencers. The initial years were far from early, as Bouton explains, “2014 and 2015 were the tough years where we were hanging on by a thread. We were discontinued in a bunch of stores and we were begging stores that hadn’t to just give us another chance, give us another year we said.” A year later and things were on the up, drastically! A writer for GQ published his 10lbs weight loss experiences while only eating the ice cream for 10 days straight, and it’s fair to say it went viral. Quickly raising to the best-selling ice cream in the US. So, what’s so special about the ice cream we hear you ask?…

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Ranging in 38 different flavours at just 280 to 360 calories per pint, all of Halo’s products have absolutely zero sugar in, yes you did read that right, ZERO SUGAR! Halo uses stevia which comes from a plant native to Brazil and erythritol, a sugar alcohol that “doesn’t affect blood glucose or cause bloating”. Both organic sugar substitutes which prevent a sky rocketing calorie count like some other ice cream products. Low-fat, and high in protein has proved the winning combination, the company sold $342.2 million worth of product in 2017, ranking Halo highest of the top-new selling new food and beverage brands, a whopping four times more than the next most popular food brand!

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Stocked in all leading supermarkets in the UK, getting your paws on some of this delicious ice cream has never been easier.

 You can hardly miss Halo on the shelves, the packaging features bright designs which adds an extra layer of personality to an already loud looking product, the front of every product features the calorie count of the entire container.

 When looking for a cheeky tub, look out for the ‘Halo Top’ which surrounds the top of the packaging resembling a halo.

 Happy munching!