Make Your Own Christmas Gift Tag

We’ve all been there; looking at the gift tags whilst doing our Christmas shopping and thinking ‘they’re so lovely and would finish off my presents perfectly, but they’re just not worth the money’. Ok, maybe we haven’t all been there but there’s no denying that a good gift tag is the piece de resistance!

We’ve come up with a nifty way to reuse your old Goupie boxes and decorate all those marvellous presents…

Opening Box Trio

It’s an easy step to start with. Just open up your Goupie box so you’re left with the net.

Now you can draw around your templates to create your tags. You can find a downloadable template at the bottom of this page, or use cookie cutters or anything else to hand to draw around to save paper!

Make sure to use pencil so you can rub out those guiding lines…

Tag Trio

If you want to mix up your designs with some solid colour, use the end flaps and free-draw your decorations.

Now you need to add the ribbon or string to your gift tags.

Create a hole in your tags using a needle and thread through the ribbon.

Finished Tag Trio

You can then glue any decorations you have onto the tag and write your message on the back!

Tag On Present