LoveRaw how could you not?

If you’re thinking you recognize that name, that’s because you probably do! Earlier this year entrepreneur Rimi Thapar appeared on Dragons’ Den and boldly declined an investment of £50,000 in return for 30% of the business (25% more than she had proposed) offered by one of the most experienced Dragons, Deborah Meaden. There were days in the beginning stages of the business where she would spend up to 20 hours a day investing time into the business, and she values how far the business has come since its launch in 2013 and wasn’t prepared to give that away. Starting with just an initial £600 Rimi has transformed the business into a £1m enterprise, stocked in more than 21 countries across Europe and the rest of the world.

During her grief of her late father, she went in search of her new mission, seeking to find food which made her feel better, both physically and mentally. Exploring local markets discovering worlds of fresh, organic and locally sourced food. "I found that eating this wonderful food made me feel better and it started me off on a health food journey," she said. "I gave up gluten, and felt better, then tried veganism. I found it helped me get out of that dark and negative time." The experience transformed her attitudes towards food and the way she was eating it. Developing many recipes at her home, she was devoted to developing food which came from a place we knew. She quickly went on to outgrow her kitchen and soon had to start packing, sealing and manufacturing everything in her new office; Rimi’s converted double garage. Even to this day and many thousand bars later LoveRaw remains 100% transparent still refusing to complicate or process any segments of its manufacturing. Like Goupie LoveRaw is a family run business, which has grown from strength to strength since 2013 and now employees 4 workers, including her husband Manav.

Here at Goupie we are very fond of their packaging, and it’s easy to see why. All their products have colourful but simple packaging that works a treat! Just from scrolling through their website every product is shouting your name, from the handy on-the-go almond drinks designed to quench your thirst and excite your taste buds, to the LoveRaw organic food booster which was awarded ‘Best Health Food’ by the World Food Innovation Awards 2017, and the addictive snack bars which come in three different flavours; Almond & Coconut, Cacao & Maca, Cacao & Orange, and our favourite the Cashew and Lemon.

Committed to being innovative and honest, they deliver taste on a healthy scale. If you don’t fall in love with their products from just looking at their website then head over to their social media @loveraw where you’ll find some mouth-watering images and inspiring recipes.