Popcorn born in a Shed!

If you haven’t already guesses it we have been obsessed with popcorn recently, and this brand feature probably comes as no surprise…

 Popcorn Shed was created by cousins Laura Jackson & Sam Feller who both are passionate entrepreneurs who gave up their faced paced city jobs to follow their dream. It all started on a roadtrip around the U.S, where the pair discovered the product which was about to take over their lives, gourmet popcorn! On returning to the UK they realised that producing and sourcing high quality popcorn was no easy task, hence why the market was screaming out for the arrival of Popcorn Shed. Based in their gardens garden shed the journey of a life time began…the pair dedicated months to tasting recipes, sourcing ingredients, experimenting with over 100 different flavours and even blowing up a popcorn machine in the process! Finally, they arrived at the winning formula, it all started with family and friends spreading the word and many requests followed. They set up shop in the garden shed which became the hub of production, shortly after both families started to call it the Popcorn Shed, and that how the business what named. 

Popcorn Shed 2

The brand always focused on creating distinctive and innovative flavour combinations, which straight from the get go gained recognition. They went on to win the Artisan Producer’s Award from the BBC Good Food Show, a Great Taste Award and a listing in Harrods, all just 3 months after launch.  

 Like Goupie, Popcorn Shed make all their products by hand and only use natural ingredients, which are individually carefully selected, then crafted with love, free of any preservative or additives. Another similarity that Popcorn Shed shares with Goupie is the fact that they make all their goodies to order, as they believe that it’s hard to ensure flavour isn’t compromised when you move to mass production. Each kernel is air popped to create fluffy popcorn that is then lightly coated with a delicious caramel sauce. The flavours they have on offer are as delicious as you would imagine, Pecan Pie, Salted Caramel, Pop N Choc, Berry-Licious to name just a few!

Popcorn Shed 3

The wonderful and wacky flavours are not the only thing that makes them so unique, once you’ve discovered their Shed products it’s almost impossible to forget them for their instantly recognisable packaging. Staying true to the companies’ origins, all their products are packed into ‘shed’ like boxes, even with see through windows, offering a chance for the customers to get a glimpse of the gourmet goodies up close. Each box is individually different from the next, from the design of the shed doors, to the grooves surrounding the shed windows, everything is delicately decorated and it doesn’t go unnoticed. It comes as no surprise that they were finalists for the Best Packaging Design at the 2017 World Food Innovation Awards, and a sure winner in our eyes <3

Popcorn Shed 1

If you’re dreaming of getting your hands on some of their goodies then you can shop via their impressive online shop here: https://popcornshed.com/collections/our-shop . Or alternatively you can find Popcorn Shed at any of these leading retailers; Hamleys, Fenwick, Ocado, Selfridges, and Amazon, find more here; https://popcornshed.com/pages/stockists


We’d recommend the Gourmet Popcorn Sheds Variety Pack for any Shed virgins out there!